I have conducted a 3D experiment with images from all eight chapters of my new book. To see the 3D, best click on the image to enlarge it. Then lazily squint your eyes until the two images overlap and snap together. Your eyes need to be in line horizontally for this to work. My book is here: This Town: A Complete Metaphysics.

“Words chased after words,
all through their pages.”

“I pulled one of my oars from its crutch,
and threw it at the rower.”

“Oh! Yes! I feel it! It’s warm.
It’s been baking in the sun.”

“Why doesn’t he catch a wave?
There, look, he missed one!”

“‘I am searching for a meaning!’ he said.
A crowd of curious people followed him.”

“Why should he carry on?
Why should he get out of bed?”

“The instrument is here,
but its magic is gone!”

She gently pressed her finger
to my nose and laughed.