I have decided to request support for my work. There are fundamental reasons why I believe it deserves it:

1. It uniquely identifies the root of our troubles today: which is, science. This is something that needs to be both recognised and understood—which it is not at this time. And the need to understand it is crucial. I am not anti-science, but describe in detail the connection between science (rather than the use of science) and global crisis.

2. My work is holistic. It takes holistic thought, which today often seems to be shrouded in mystery, or merely wistful or intuitive—and turns it into a well reasoned, well grounded argument. There is arguably nothing greater missing from our modern world than a clearly defined and understood holism.

3. My work fairly uniquely recognises the importance of religion to metaphysics. While metaphysics has tended to be irreligious, or to drive religion to the margins, my metaphysics establishes a basis for entertaining it. We all know how important, historically, philosophical thought is to religion, and religion to the world.

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Rev. Thomas Oliver Scarborough
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The intellectual and emotional investment in turning out a metaphysics is enormous. This is confirmed by the world's only other (contemporary) metaphysician, Dirk Hartmann. I have produced two metaphysics—one abstract and one fictional—through very hard work over many years. My books have found publishers, and the author (myself) has received very significant recognition, reflected elsewhere in these pages.

It is truly a full-time undertaking, if one wishes to make the most of it.

This is a fresh page, which will see more thoughtful development in time. Under LINKS, I offer patron packages. Why do I not use Patreon, or similar websites? In Africa, I am not well placed to do so. Also, the reviews of such websites are very mixed. I think, a direct appeal is better.