• While there is no complete, original, systematic metaphysics besides my own (yet), I have described the closest contenders on this website: Competing

• The European Philosophy Sharing Foundation is soon to publish a major review of my book in Share Magazine. In the interim, they have posted a preview on: Goodreads

• World Partners Director of International Development Rick Dugan posts a major review of my book on Goodreads

• Novelist Rita Lee Chapman of the Sunshine Coast conducts a wide-ranging interview with me here: Guest Author.

In Daily Philosophy, I here expand on my new philosophy of mind: Passing Beyond Descartes.

The Philosopher On-line published a survey of my metaphysics. One finds a duplicate on this website: A New Metaphysics – in five movements.

I receive an interesting mention on Leiter Reports: When your publisher fails to market your book. My publishers soon came back to life!

While it's not one of my greatest articles, I was chuffed to see that I was published by CERN (Zenodo): Body Image Compensation

My book apparently set a new world record. The details are here: World Record.


The purpose of this section is to link my book to recent news and debate

• I write on page 17, "Everything depends upon a subject’s mind." Compare with professor of consciousness Anil Seth on the BBC, July 4, 2022: "The way in which [things] exist is completely dependent on my brain."

• I write on page 63, "Tomorrow’s unintended consequences, which as yet we do not see, are already being created today." Compare SPɅ, June 3, 2022. Tom Metcalfe writes, New, Extremely Reactive Chemical Discovered in the Atmosphere.

• Further on "unintended consequences" on page 63, the BBC noted in connection with Climate Change, on November 12, 2022, that "there are likely to be many more unexpected, and surprising, consequences"

• And again, there was a major example of unintended consequences on February 28,2023, where the popular Zero Calorie Sweetener erythritol—of which 100,000+ tons is manufactured annually—was found to carry a “degree of risk ... not modest”. 

• An almost humorous example of unintended consequences occurred when, on August 29, 2013, the "Walkie-Talkie" skyscraper in London melted parts of a Jaguar parked in a street below: Sunshade for Walkie-Talkie skyscraper glare problem. Who would have thought of this?

• On page 77 I write, "We inherit the thinking of previous generations." Compare Russian dissident Alexey Navalny on September 30, 2022: "Postwar Russia, like post-Putin Russia, will be doomed to become belligerent and Putinist again. ... Only a parliamentary republic can prevent this."

• On 17 November 2022, Barack Obama was quoted as saying, “We’re going to have to figure out how to live together, or we will destroy each other.” On page 138 I describe how, in current thinking, "we set ourselves up for interminable wrangling and conflict".

• On page 147, I propose that areas of nature should be “prohibitos autem terra”. Compare with Lauren Holt on the BBC, June 9, 2022. The proposal is “relinquished areas” of nature: Can Humanity Leave Nature Behind?

• On page 148, I propose that such areas are not "a wistful notion". There are large areas today that we do keep off-limits: military zones, for example. On February 24, 2023, CNN reports: The heavily armed DMZ separating North and South Korea has become a wildlife haven. This is a 1,000 square kilometre (400 square mile) area, about the size of Hong Kong..

• I propose on page 156 that both informtion and its uptake are needed as drivers of social equality. One sees an example of this on Deutsche Welle, who reported on Nov 7, 2022: “It was not enough for Roma simply to be ‘heard’.” One needs to “incorporate Roma into the process”: Roma, Sinti Report Exposes Discrimination, Political Inertia.

• I write on page 183, that science is about "things that both ought and ought not to be". And on the BBC, April 7, 2022: "The mass of a sub-atomic particle is not what it should be ... The result has been described as 'shocking'." Shock Result in Particle Experiment Could Spark Physics Revolution.

• I write on page 238, “There are no As and Bs.” On May 30, 2022, @Richard Dawkins wrote, “Genes [call them As] are active causes.” This in reply to Denis Noble (abridged), “Organisms [call them Bs] use genes. Genes are not active causes.” Both views are therefore pre-analytical in my view.

• On page 293, I write about a man who "steps outside his garden, to ask what life is about beyond the roses". Compare basketball champion Tyrell Terry, who announced his departure from basketball, "to find my identity outside of being a basketball player". CNN, December 16,2022: NPA Draft Pick Retires From Basketball.