The purpose of this page is to link my book to recent news and debate, to bring it right up to date.

• I write on page 17, "Everything depends upon a subject’s mind." Compare with professor of consciousness Anil Seth on the BBC, July 4, 2022: "The way in which [things] exist is completely dependent on my brain."

• I write on page 63, "Tomorrow’s unintended consequences, which as yet we do not see, are already being created today." Compare SPɅ, June 3, 2022. Tom Metcalfe writes, New, Extremely Reactive Chemical Discovered in the Atmosphere.

• On page 147, I propose that areas of nature should be “prohibitos autem terra”. Compare with Lauren Holt on the BBC, June 9, 2022. The proposal is “relinquished areas” of nature: Can Humanity Leave Nature Behind?

• I write on page 183, that science is about "things that both ought and ought not to be". And on the BBC, April 7, 2022: "The mass of a sub-atomic particle is not what it should be ... The result has been described as 'shocking'." Shock Result in Particle Experiment Could Spark Physics Revolution.

• I write on page 238, “There are no As and Bs.” On May 30, 2022, @Richard Dawkins wrote, “Genes [call them As] are active causes.” This in reply to Denis Noble (abridged), “Organisms [call them Bs] use genes. Genes are not active causes.” Both views are therefore pre-analytical in my view.