A critical question for non-fiction is: how is this author equipped to write this book? 

• I have formal training in philosophy under renowned professors, as part of a classical seminary education. At least a dozen of my professors, in all, are now encyclopedia entries 
• In 2014-2015, the Philosophical Society of England published a 20,000 word metaphysics (a systematic, panoramic philosophy) that I wrote (see LINKS on the menu) 
• For seven years, I co-edited the philosophy weekly Pi, which in 2022 reached no. 7 in the UK in its class. I sourced roughly two-thirds of the authors for this publication
• My book is endorsed and attested by leading thinkers (see BOOK on the menu)

However, I am convinced that a metaphysics requires more than experience in philosophy alone: 

• I am published in peer-reviewed journals in six fields, in the natural and human sciences
• I have two postgraduate degrees in three fields: deconstruction, theology, and global leadership 
• I have sold copyrights to 100+ technical designs. Many of these went into production
• I received the Gold Medal Award from the world's no. 1 electronics publisher Wimborne, for "the most innovative designs" 
• I was raised in a pre-modern society, which afforded me a rare perspective of our (post) modern ways 
• As a minister, I have much first-hand experience of, among other things, violence, power, death, and religion 

In combination, the above covers many aspects of a metaphysics: philosophy, theology, linguistics, ethics, culture, science, technology, mathematics, and more.