Everything, Briefly could be the first new, panoramic, systematic metaphysics, in English, in our generation. Some say there has been no new metaphysics since Kant and Hegel. That it is both original and comprehensive is widely reflected in endorsements and reviews. It is based on my earlier work, Metaphysical Notes, which was published by the Philosophical Society of England in 2014-2015.

It is vital today, where thought is so fragmentary, that we should develop a holistic understanding of our world—to be fluent in how it all fits together. How may we unify, among other things, language and reality, ethics and environment, science and religion? Everything, Briefly does this not in a notional way, but through the careful study of concepts, to produce a wide-ranging and compelling unity. It does so, too, at the approachable level of the high school graduate.


“As a man thinks, so is he.” Personally, and socially, so is he. Yet if this is true, then "as a man thinks" has led us into the thick of global crisis. What exactly is it, about our thinking, that fails us? What has gone so wrong? 

There are firm reasons why we may hope for new direction. Above all, we have a new view of the connectedness of all things. Never before has this encompassed so much. It makes a crucial difference to philosophy. Secondly, when we recast philosophy’s high-level concepts in more concrete terms, it becomes possible to discuss them without confusion. This is the method of this book. 

There is much of interest for the theologian, too. Legendary film director Ingmar Bergman once wrote, “What will happen to us who want to believe, but can not?” His “can not” had to do with what Prof. Karen Barad calls the “hegemony of physics”. Everything, Briefly details why it is impossible, in fact, to believe in a closed universe of cause and effect.

• 42 "atomic" chapters for easy reading
• A foreword by bestselling philosophy author Mel Thompson
• At-a-glance chapter descriptions
• About 100 examples and analogies
• Nearly 40 excursus-boxes discuss nuances
• More than a dozen diagrams of core concepts (right)
• An extensive bibliography with 400+ entries
• A glossary and indexes for quick reference
• About 800 footnotes tie the book into past 
  and current thinking

Part I       Foundations
Part II      Personal Ethics
Part III     Public Ethics
Part IV     Science and Math
Part V      Classics
Part VI     The Ultimate

There are many endorsements of my book. This represents a small selection. 

“In a world where philosophy is too often narrowly defined, Everything, Briefly is a work of amazing breadth and ambition. Presenting a view that is holistic, interconnected, relational and boundless, it seeks to re-shape our thinking about meaning, language, ethics and religion, challenging many of our assumptions and setting out an entirely new metaphysics." —Dr. Mel Thompson, Doctor of Philosophy, and best-selling author of forty books.

"Thomas Scarborough's Everything, Briefly is wide-ranging and very engaging. It is refreshing, after so much work in analytic philosophy that is narrow is scope and highly technical, to see someone take on the project of constructing a panoramic metaphysic."—Prof. Christian B. Miller, Professor of Philosophy, author of The Character Gap. Director or co-direcor of the Character Project, Beacon Project, and Honesty Project, together awarded US$ 14 million grants. 

“Your ability to expose the unexamined ‘truths’ and unexamined assumptions that shape our worldview is invaluable. Perhaps its most valuable contribution is the creation of a ‘table’ where all can come, sit, discuss, and identify what we have in common and brings us together rather than what divides us. You help us see the forest for the trees and to value the mystery of the connections between us and the ideas that have emerged over centuries."—Mailin Young, US and Europe InterVarsity Director of Leadership Development, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. 

“The author has provided an important resource material for those interested in metaphysics. It is new, fresh and engaging. A must read for the year!”—Prof. Samuel Waje Kunhiyop, Professor of Theology, a notable African theologian and churchman, author of African Christian Theology and African Christian Ethics.

“This book will be a terrific help to all of us. You explain well our presence in and familiarity with the muddy physical reality, and then open the door to the fuller reality of metaphysics, which we remembered, perhaps even craved, all along. We had excluded ourselves from that home by the choice of freedom from moral values, meaning, and purpose found in the interplay between facts and meaning.”—Prof. Udo Middelmann, Professor of Philosophy, theologian and author, President of the Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation.

“What are we doing here? Everything, Briefly gives us a new perspective on the journey that life is, starting with an examination of the basics -- What is Real? -- then looking at language and its blind spots, and how that relates to our thinking; and taking us through ethics, science, mathematics, and the classics; and finally to places of deep meaning -- religion and metaphysics. If you want to examine your life, Everything, Briefly can give you a place to start.”—Jill Hacker, author of multiple math titles in the USA, including preparatory guides for ACT, LSAT, and CLEP exams.