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“As a man thinks, so is he.” Personally, and socially, so is he. Yet if this is true, then "as a man thinks" has led us into the thick of global crisis. What exactly is it, about our thinking, that fails us? What has gone so wrong? There are firm reasons why we may hope for new direction. Above all, we have a new view of the connectedness of all things. Never before has this encompassed so much. It makes a crucial difference to philosophy. Secondly, when we recast philosophy’s high-level concepts in more concrete terms, it becomes possible to discuss them without confusion. This is the method of this book. There is much of interest for the theologian, too. Legendary film director Ingmar Bergman once wrote, “What will happen to us who want to believe, but can not?” His “can not” had to do with what Prof. Karen Barad calls the “hegemony of physics”. Everything, Briefly details why it is impossible, in fact, to believe in a closed universe of cause and effect.
• 42 "atomic" chapters for easy reading
• A foreword by bestselling philosopher Martin Cohen
• At-a-glance chapter descriptions
• About 100 examples and analogies
• Nearly 40 excursus-boxes discuss nuances
• More than a dozen diagrams of core concepts (right)
• An extensive bibliography with 400+ entries
• A glossary and indexes for quick reference
• About 800 footnotes tie the book into past 
  and current thinking
Part I    Foundations

Chapter 1     Low-Level Concepts
Chapter 2     A New Horizon
Chapter 3     What is Really Real
Chapter 4     Limited Relations
Chapter 5     Liberating Relations
Chapter 6     Words and Relations
Chapter 7     Things and Relations

Part II     Personal Ethics

Chapter 8       An Endless Expanse
Chapter 9       Human Limitations
Chapter 10     Relations and Expectations
Chapter 11     Opaque Relations
Chapter 12     An Inter-Related Ethics
Chapter 13     Esthetic Relations
Chapter 14     More About Words

Part III     Public Ethics

Chapter 15     Political Relations
Chapter 16     Informational Relations
Chapter 17     Employment Relations
Chapter 18     The Imposition of Relations
Chapter 19     Relating Identities
Chapter 20     A Boundless Environment
Chapter 21     Unvirtuous Behavior
Chapter 22     Critical Theory
Chapter 23     Awakening

Part IV     Science and Math

Chapter 24     Defining Ought
Chapter 25     Fact and Value
Chapter 26     Relating Science
Chapter 27     Relating Math
Chapter 28     Relating Languages
Chapter 29     The Isolation of Science
Chapter 30     Scientific Hubris
Chapter 31     Pseudo Ethics

Part V     Classics

Chapter 32     Deeper Relations
Chapter 33     Causal Relations
Chapter 34     Historical Relations
Chapter 35     Mind–Body Dualism
Chapter 36     The Purpose of Relations
Chapter 37     The Teaching of Relations

Part VI     The Ultimate

Chapter 38     Religion as Relations
Chapter 39     God Beyond Relations
Chapter 40     Relations Beyond Life
Chapter 41     Meaning as Relations
Chapter 42     What is Metaphysics?