“In a world where philosophy is too often narrowly defined, Everything, Briefly is a work of amazing breadth and ambition. Presenting a view that is holistic, interconnected, relational and boundless, it seeks to re-shape our thinking about meaning, language, ethics and religion, challenging many of our assumptions and setting out an entirely new metaphysics." —Dr. Mel Thompson, Doctor of Philosophy, and best-selling author of forty books.

"Thomas Scarborough's Everything, Briefly is wide-ranging and very engaging. It is refreshing, after so much work in analytic philosophy that is narrow is scope and highly technical, to see someone take on the project of constructing a panoramic metaphysic."—Prof. Christian B. Miller, Professor of Philosophy, author of The Character Gap. Director or co-direcor of the Character Project, Beacon Project, and Honesty Project, together awarded US$ 14 million grants. 

“What I most appreciate about your book is the recreation of a frame/model in which to have meaningful discussion around the connection of ideas and values. Your ability to expose the unexamined ‘truths’ and unexamined assumptions that shape our worldview is invaluable. Perhaps its most valuable contribution is the creation of a ‘table’ in which all can come, sit, discuss, and identify what we have in common and brings us together rather than what divides us. You help us see the forest for the trees and to value the mystery of the connections between us and the ideas that have emerged over centuries."—Mailin Young, US and Europe InterVarsity Director of Leadership Development, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. 

“The author has provided an important resource material for those interested in metaphysics. It is new, fresh and engaging. A must read for the year!”—Prof. Samuel Waje Kunhiyop, Professor of Theology, a notable African theologian and churchman, author of African Christian Theology and African Christian Ethics.

“What are we doing here? Everything, Briefly gives us a new perspective on the journey that life is, starting with an examination of the basics -- What is Real? -- then looking at language and its blind spots, and how that relates to our thinking; and taking us through ethics, science, mathematics, and the classics; and finally to places of deep meaning -- religion and metaphysics. If you want to examine your life, Everything, Briefly can give you a place to start.”—Jill Hacker, author of multiple math titles in the USA, including preparatory guides for ACT, LSAT, and CLEP exams. 

"This metaphysics reveals the extraordinary intellectual investment. Thomas Scarborough put into thinking deeply about the weighty issues of philosophy. The ambitious scope is striking; and it succeeds. The result is a profound, and often original, work worthy of joining the best from history. I'm impressed. His ideas offer much to ponder, appreciably presented in a delightfully accessible style."—Keith R. Tidman, philosophy writer, has served in various roles as editor-in-chief. Editor-in-Chief of US Military History I and II.

Everything, Briefly is a courageous attempt to subsume human experience and knowledge under a single metaphysics. Its largely impressionistic, bite-size style will appeal to the interested non-specialist, while its unique perspective on some of the classic conundrums of traditional philosophy should pique the interest of academic philosophers of all stripes.”—Dr. Geoffrey Marnell, Doctor of Philosophy, and principal consultant of Abelard Consulting, has served as editor for Pearson, Qantas, and Lockheed Martin, among many others.

“As a layperson who is unfamiliar with philosophy and metaphysics, I found the book to be extremely interesting and well-written. It's logical progression of ideas culminate in a competently presented new metaphysic that deserves exposure in today's world - in fact, its principles are exactly what our modern world needs. The effect that this book has had on me, personally, is that it has refocused my inner eye, giving it X-ray vision to see deeper and clearer into the vast connectedness of everything that we so often take at face value.”—B. Ann Moore, artist and a prize-winning poet, winner of the first prize among 19,000 English entries in the 2021 AVBOB poetry competition.

Everything, Briefly is a unique metaphysics that seeks to unify nothing less than all human experience, and argues for unifying principles. There is breadth here, but not a removal from everyday experience. It's extraordinarily valuable to see beyond our immediate experiences. We humans are a better species when we're outward looking. As an antidote to tribalism, and polarization, Scarborough's emphasis on connectedness is apt and timely; a starting point for conversations on the relatedness of all aspects of life.”—Stephen Galanis, philosophy graduate of Rhodes University, South Africa.

“This book will be a terrific help to all of us. You explain well our presence in and familiarity with the muddy physical reality, and then open the door to the fuller reality of metaphysics, which we remembered, perhaps even craved, all along. We had excluded ourselves from that home by the choice of freedom from moral values, meaning, and purpose found in the interplay between facts and meaning.”—Prof. Udo Middelmann, Professor of Philosophy, theologian and author, President of the Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation.